Invited as a Speaker, before Graduating at Crack the Community Code Event

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As I embarked on my university journey, I had a burning desire to make a lasting impact. One goal stood out among the rest: to become a speaker at my university before graduating. Little did I know that this seemingly daunting goal would lead me on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and an unparalleled sense of achievement. In this article, I will share my remarkable journey as the only person in my university to accomplish this feat and delve into the captivating event that brought together some of the brightest minds in community building, Crack the Community Code.

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Aiming High and Breaking Barriers:

From the early days of my university life, I was captivated by the power of effective communication and the ability to inspire others. I set my sights on becoming a speaker, knowing that it would require relentless dedication, unwavering perseverance, and stepping out of my comfort zone. As I embarked on this journey, I encountered numerous challenges and doubts. However, I remained determined, constantly pushing myself to improve my public speaking skills, expand my knowledge base, and engage with diverse communities.

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The Milestone: Becoming a Speaker:

After months of diligent effort and countless rehearsals, my dream became a reality. I stood before my peers, professors, and esteemed guests as a speaker at my university. The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment was indescribable. I realized that by sharing my experiences, insights, and passion, I had the opportunity to positively impact others and contribute to the community I cherished.

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I’m trying to do hand gestures like Jordon Peterson

The Crack the Community Code Event:

One event that stands out as a pivotal moment in my journey is the 'Crack the Community Code' panel discussion. This captivating event brought together Google DSC Leads and former leads from various universities in Karachi, including the extraordinary Eman Ahmed, Danella Patrick, Ateeq Syed, Nabeel Ahmed, and the remarkable Raheel Siddiqui.

During the event, these influential individuals shared their invaluable experiences and perspectives on community building. From fostering inclusivity to nurturing engagement, the panelists shed light on the transformative power of communities in launching the careers of fresh graduates in the tech industry. The insights and wisdom shared during the panel discussion were truly inspiring, leaving the audience motivated to harness the potential of community building in their own journeys.

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Raheel on the left, Emaan, Nabeel and your very own

Embracing the Power of Community:

Through my personal journey and the enriching 'Crack the Community Code' event, I discovered that community building is not merely about networking or sharing common interests; it is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Communities provide a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and support, empowering individuals to explore their passions, unleash their potential, and create a meaningful impact.

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These two are my two cool friends, Alisha and Obaid. Alisha later became the GDSC Lead and Ubaid moved to Australia.


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Becoming a speaker at my university before graduating was a monumental achievement, one that I am incredibly proud of. It opened doors to new opportunities, allowed me to connect with inspiring individuals, and provided me with a platform to share my ideas and inspire others. The Crack the Community Code event further reinforced the transformative power of community building, revealing its vital role in launching the careers of aspiring technologists and entrepreneurs.

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for the challenges, the lessons learned, and the extraordinary individuals who have supported me along the way. My goal of becoming a speaker has not only shaped my university experience but has also set the stage for a future where I continue to embrace the power of community, advocate for inclusivity, and inspire others to achieve their goals. Together, let us crack the code and unlock the limitless potential of community building.

Hey, if the photographer of the event is reading this, you suck dude! I can take better photos with my iPhone 5s